What Is Twitter Marketing – How To Use Twitter Marketing For Your Business

In Social Media Marketing (SMM), Twitter Marketing is one of the important platforms with more than 100 crore users. The motto of Twitter is Spreading the news, giving real-time and latest updates and views of the world.  It is not like Facebook where they get connected with friends, communication and Interaction Happens. Twitter’s Purpose is to spread the news and latest happenings around the world.

How Twitter Marketing Can Be Used:

Brands can connect with their customers and provide regular updates to them.

Example, Amazon they regularly post important messages thereby reaching their audience and improving brand awareness. It leads to more sales.

Companies focus here on building the brand, giving support to their customers by directly connecting with them. information is all about real-time. Every social media site has their own way of interacting with the customers. Like all the marketing strategies, understanding the market is very important and proper setup is needed. There is a chance that followers who like any tweet,  may retweet it in their groups making that tweet to go beyond the well-known customers and attract new customers. Tweets can be of funny, information, education, industry and about latest updates. Within the limit of 140 characters, much information needs to be delivered. Companies follow certain strategies. depending on the day, time and with the best usage of Hashtags.

Different kinds of aims of a Tweet:

Higher Reaching and can be connected with a lot of people

More website  visits if Tweet is engaging

Video marketing to showcase the brand or product

“Twitter chats is one of the growing and gaining usage these days”.

Trending on Twitter:

Every week some brands create trends. They post something like “ whoever gives unique caption, will win the contest”. It is one of the trends that engage more audience and improves brand awareness. A number of people participate in the contest which helps in trending the specific product.

Celebrities use Twitter to stay connected with their followers directly. They provide information about their recent movie shoots and release dates and personal stuff etc.

News Agencies use Twitter Marketing:

News agencies use Twitter to update the latest news. Some news reporters update regularly as soon as they publish a new article. It helps to reach their followers instantly.

Awareness and Support:

We might have come across some people if they would like to bring some information directly to the company or brand. They simply use a statement like this @ ICICI Bank and they will add their notes. Major cases companies give much priority towards their brand reputation solves it as quickly as possible.

How to set up a Twitter account properly in simple steps:

We can create a separate business account or personal account.

First login to Twitter

Then sign up:

What Is Twitter Marketing-How To Use Twitter Marketing For Your Business

  1. Username:  It is our Identity on twitter. If we want to communicate with anyone or tag to anyone, we use @username. If we want to say something to Amazon, then add @amazon.
  2. We can customize the URL with the brand name. This can help brand identification easily for their followers.

What Is Twitter Marketing-How To Use Twitter Marketing For Your Business

3. The length of URL must be up to 15 characters only (letters, numbers, underscore _)

How to set up Profile Pic:

  • Click on the name section
  • Edit profile
  • Size of Header photo: 1500*500 pixels
  • Profile photo size (Best picture size 500*500 because of good quality)
  • Write your Twitter Bio explaining your company or personality.

What Is Twitter Marketing-How To Use Twitter Marketing For Your Business

  • Bio text is 160 characters. Bio will help you to take in Twitter results.

   Different Types of Tweets:

  1. Text Tweet: Max 140 characters only.
  2. Photo tweet (1024 * 512 pixels)
  3. Video tweet landscape view (16:9) only I in GIF format.

What is the Tweet structure:

Generally, it will be like

“ Message+shortlink(URL)+Hashtags”

What are Hashtags:

Hashtags help us to connect with the latest trends and generate good impressions for our tweets. According to a survey, #Hashtags help us to reach 10-15% more than that the general regular tweet.

What is the Power of Twitter:

Twitter marketing plays a major role in influencing the market. If any celebrity tweets anything any about a brand, then definitely there will be fluctuations in the market regarding that brand or product.

One of the best examples recently,  Oprah Winfrey’s  tweeted about a company. That tweet has drastically increased the revenue of the company to $110 million in just one day. That is the power of a tweet.

Types of campaigns on Twitter Marketing:

  • Tweets Engagement campaign
  • Promoted Video Views campaign
  • Awareness (New) campaign
  • Website clicks or conversions campaign
  • Followers campaign to get more followers
  • App Installs or re-engagement campaigns

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