The Girl on the Train : Review – Gone girl with two more bitches!

During the last weekend luckily I did something good. Probably after a long time. I happened to read a book. Not so ordinary book by the way,It has occupied the number one spot of the UK hardback book chart for 20 weeks, the longest any book has ever held the top spot, according to Wikipedia. The copy that I read is a hardbound. Here is my review of the crime novel , The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

The Girl on the Train is a story of a daily train commuter and her relation with her observations through the train window. Is that it? No. It’s mainly the story of Rachel, who is a train-lover and does travel daily from her shared room with her close friend Cathy. Rachel, is a divorcee with Tom Watson who leaves Rachel for Anna Watson. Even after marriage Rachel doesn’t give up her husband last name as well her love and obsession towards him. She appears often at their house( previously her house) and calls their home at late nights which makes Anna gets panicked because she is afraid that Rachel would do some harm to her baby ,Evie. Rachel also has a history of temporary amnesia. Whenever, Rachel exceeds her alcohol limit she wakes up the next morning without having any idea about the previous night.

Rachel observes everything during her ideal 45 min( which never happens) journey and forms a relation with everything that she sees. Some of them are a shirt on the side of a track and track-side house: Number Fifteen. She also has names for the couple in that house, Jess and Jason. She thinks she knows them. Since her daily commute is an effort to make up a lie as truth, she loses her job because of her severe alcohol addiction, she tries to keep that as a secret with her roommate, Cathy. Just to make believe Cathy, Rachel travels to City on the daily train as she used to during her working days.

The real problem starts when Rachel forgets that there is a glass between her and her observations, her mind and truth. She believes confidently on her intuition. By the daily short glimpse of  Jess and Jason she thinks that they are a happy couple. But when Rachel sees Jess kissing another man in front of her house, Rachel heart breaks. She can’t take it since she has an image of Jess loving Jason truly where cheating doesn’t exit.

The next big shock comes the next day morning. Rachel gets to know the name of couple through media , Jess  – Megan Hipwell and Jason – Scott Hipwell and Megan Hipwell goes missing. Rachel wants to be involved and she makes herself believe that she wants to be involved because she wants to be helpful for Scott but actually she makes everything complicated.

The plot has been written in three point of views – Rachel, Anna, Megan. Rachel , as the main protagonist. Anna, who hates Rachel and once had Megan as her daughter’s baby sitter.  Megan , who goes missing. Rachel and Anna explains the conditions of the situation after Megan goes missing. Megan, explains the situations before her own disappearance. What binds them is , Child. Rachel marriage starts falling when she wants to have a baby with Tom, which doesn’t succeed. She gets addicted to alcohol and loses her control over her life. Megan, who accidentally kills her own child and has been living in that trauma since then. She tries to escape , escape from her incessant sadness. Anna, who has her baby(Evie) with Tom, panics when Rachel tries to kidnap Evie. She wants to protect Evie and fixes that she doesn’t want Rachel in their life.

What else they have common? Lies. They are prisoners of their own lies. They all want their lies to be true. Rachel wants her Jess to be a loyal woman, Anna believes that Rachel is her enemy and Megan thinks that running away from all makes her normal. While reading, I felt that all of them are somehow same. The way they sound, the way they explain their pain. Anna is someone who is about to turn into Rachel, who would be the future Megan. At one point of time Anna clearly sees Rachel in her own self. The phases that Rachel has passed. As well, Rachel feels the fear that once Megan has felt.

Paula Hawkins depicts the loss of control of over oneself due to alcohol beautifully. The way how one life is falling apart in front of their own eyes and can’t able to do much. The irresistible urge of escaping the moment of life through drinking  and cheating. The fear when our most loved ones calls us with the names that we never imagined. She writes so well, even though there are many inconsistencies in the maturities of characters, she does write so well.

Word Review : Liked!

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