What Is Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Search Engine Optimization-SEO is a process of generating top rankings for a website following search engine guidelines. It helps in Improving more traffic to the website and better rankings. Search Engine’s algorithm looks at the links between the pages to determine their relevance and importance.

There are various search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. These search engines store the data and indexes. Paid results are different and organic results are different yet, they appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Altavista.com was the search engine that existed much earlier before Google. Earlier, Google started with the name as Backrub means the page which got higher backlinks so that search engines give it a lot of value and it appears in the top results. In Google Search, page ranking is named after “Larry page”, co-founder of Google.

To make any Website according to SEO rules, It must be optimised properly. It takes time for at least 3 months to 1 year. There are different kinds of updates on Google like Panda update, Penguin Update, Pigeon Update, Humming Bird Update.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO has 78% share whereas PPC (Pay Per Click) is only 22%

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

PageRank algorithm in Google for Search Engine Optimization-SEO:

Page ranking is all about the number of links to a particular page. Default PageRank is 0.15 internally. Earlier Google used to provide information about Page Rank. But from 2016, Google discontinued showing PageRank. One can add SEO Quake Toolbar in the browser and or go to www.prchecker.info to know the Page Rank (PR) of any website.

Page Rank depends on the number of internal links and external links.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO components:

Every  Search engine is based on the  following components

  • Crawler
  • Indexer
  • Algorithm
  • Results page
  • Spam fighting algorithms

In short, a search engine can be called as a Library and Crawler is a software with a lot of servers connected to it.


Crawler can also be called as Spider, Robot, Bot.

  • This component helps the search engines collect the data from internet whenever a new site is discovered by the crawler. There are two ways:
  • Website owner submit Site to search engine manually through Google webmaster tool
  • Anyone submit the site that is making it go live.

How to check the last crawl date of the website:

One can type ‘cache: www.website.com’ in the search box

Example: ‘cache: www.howdyfizz.com’

Indexer’s role in Search Engine Optimization-SEO:

  • This component categorizes the data collected by crawler and stores in different segments in Database.
  • The indexer helps to organize the entire content effectively.
  • The indexer can reject the data, based on certain factors like Duplicate, Malware, Empty Pages etc.

How to check the total pages in Google Index from the website:

One can type ‘site: www.website.com’ in the search box

What is Google algorithm and How it Works:

  • These programs help the search engines to get relevant data from databases with a ranking technique
  • Google has developed many algorithms to make results more relevant to users
  • Most of the Google algorithms are patented
  • Some are front-ended and some are backend.

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