The Alchemist – An Adventurous And Inspiring Story

One of the famous quotations:

“When anyone truly believes in something to achieve, the whole universe definitely helps them to reach it”. The principle mentioned in this book is followed and implemented by many people.

The Novel Alchemist talks about dreams and the consequences which one experiences in life draws the attention of the reader and encourages one to follow their dreams. It’s an adventurous journey.

Paulo Coelho in alchemist discusses many things like soul and the purpose of life. One keeps on hearing about this concept from many philosophers. The author has precariously explained them in a universal language which can be easily understood and makes every reader identify with Santiago’s character with some manner.

Santiago – The life of a shepherd and his journey for treasure:

Santiago is the central character in Alchemist. He starts his journey in search of treasure. He has a dream, in which a child tells him about the treasure when he tiredly taking rest, thinking about God and life at the church near a sycamore tree. A woman interprets his dream and advises him to go to pyramids to find treasure. A man in Egypt, whose name is Melchizedek, possesses a rare gift to read about others advises Santiago to go for the treasure. This makes Santiago go-ahead to pyramids in search of treasure.

Crystal merchant’s dreams and his philosophy in life:

Santiago meets a merchant when a thief steals all his belongings. The merchant offers him a job. The merchant has some dreams to fulfill. Though he has the ability to fulfill his dreams and go on a pilgrimage, he never wants to achieve it. His philosophy he says, thinking of a desired goal and dream gives him much more energy rather than achieving it.

Santiago falls in love during his journey:

Fatima, An Arab Girl to whom Santiago falls in love during his journey and she supports Santiago in his quest and search of his treasure. She accepts him and also knows that Santiago might never come back. Yet she supports and respects him.

From an English man, he comes to know about an alchemist who resides near an oasis has the ability to turn any metal into gold and want to learn the secret.

Santiago possesses a unique gift – listening to desert and meeting alchemist:

Santiago starts experiences a rare feeling as if he is slowly understanding desert and the true meaning of that land. He dreams of some army would be marching towards the oasis and a violent war is going to take place. This gives him a chance to meet a stranger who is the Alchemist carrying a huge sword on a horse who is a 200-year-old man.

“Life gives one an opportunity if they truly believe in oneself. Circumstances and situations somehow turn for the benefit. It is the one, who should understand them well”.

Later, the alchemist accompanies Santiago in his journey and he says Santiago should go alone himself to pursue his dream. Hope is something which drives a man and pushes him hard to move along though anyone may accompany him or not. It is he who should choose it and achieve it.

Opportunities test everyone whether they are ready to grab them or not:

Santiago feels defeated and fooled when he found nothing after digging at the pyramids. He was left with everything.Suddenly one thief just mentions his dream about the Treasure at the church. It is the same church Santiago originally dreamt about the Treasure. If everything gets so easily in life, one may have not proper respect. Adversaries and difficulties only make a person stronger and prepare him in acquiring required knowledge. Success can be attained with definite desire, continuous and persistent effort.

Life is a journey – one should understand what is the temporary defeat of success:

Life is a continuous journey. Moving from one form or place to another. The novel is all about the philosophy. Listening to one’s heart and moving ahead and Chasing Dreams. When one comes across a dilemma whether to move or go backward. The majority chooses to go back as it seems to be an easy decision. What makes a winner different from a loser is how one goes ahead. Sometimes, victory is just standing before them in a disguised manner. There lays the ability to identify it and needs a proper judgment. Santiago becomes discouraged when a thief robs him completely and thinks he would not have taken this course. He thought that living a life of shepherd would have done better. But something inside pushes him deeply and makes his move ahead and pursue his dream.


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