Jeffrey Archer (Fourth Estate)-Battle Between Two Newspaper Giants

Jeffrey Archer in his novel “The Fourth Estate” writes about the interesting story of two businessmen.
Archer with his studious writing makes the reader in visualizing things a little early. It is definitely a page-turner. The author narrates (talks about) the story in various chapters. First, he starts with Lubji Hoch and then Keith Townsend simultaneously chapter by chapter.

Jeffrey Archer understands the world well and perfectly describes characters:

In this Novel – Fourth Estate, one could understand how things in this world work, when one side of the world is busy with great pleasure and serene environment in Keith’s episode and at the same time on the other side of the world experiences holocaust and war. Most of the people might not have experienced the troubles and hardships that Hoch had experienced.This book gives deeper insights into the world of the Newspaper industry and media broadcasts and the reasons why Articles and Headlines in newspaper publish only in a certain way and what makes them post it only in that way. Jeffrey Archer clearly explains the kind of rivalry, strategies, and tactics they followed in acquiring Power.

Armstrong’s strong desire made him overcome the hardships:

Here the two characters, One comes from a poor family in Czechoslovakia. Lubji Hoch later changes his name to Richard Armstrong to acquire a new identity. As a Jew, he escapes almost from the Death and joins the British army and gets rank as an officer. Then moves to Berlin owning a newspaper and then becoming a Big Businessmen He was intelligent and brilliant in grasping things very quickly. Though born in a poor family, he easily learns new things. This kind of strength and attitude helped him to overcome his family’s poverty. Not only that, his strength and attitude helped him to make new strategies to put his rivals out of business and later acquiring them all.

Jeffrey Archer (Fourth Estate) - Battle Between Two Newspaper Giants

Townsend, though born in a rich family, is eager to acquire power and identity:

The other Character is Keith, who studied at Oxford University was a rival to Armstrong. He was born in an Aristocrat family who owns a number of Newspapers. He, at a very early age successfully took over his family business of newspapers. Townsend is no less than Lubji in intelligence who expands his family business with much more ease. He takes quick decisions, but some decisions might bring him into trouble. Yet he is successful by implementing his new tactics. There is a common thing in both of them who strive for the power and identity.

Jeffrey Archer smoothly used the terms of the stock market, value conversions, bribe games and the reasons how people change with the time. He studied deeply about what makes and motivates people to behave in a certain way at different times. He describes very well about royalties issues and law permissions especially during the time when Lubji acquires local Native German newspaper and how he owns it. By reading Fourth Estate, one can visualize the things of the journey when characters move from Australia to Europe and from there to Newyork. One needs to really concentrate on lawyers and their discussions and also the terms they use. There is a brief explanation of what causes the stock market transactions.

Keith Townsend’s tactics and mastery is quite interesting in Rich lady’s episode:

In rich lady’s episode and her urgency to publish a novel written by her is one of the interesting episodes in Fourth Estate. Townsend and rich English play different tactics individually for their own benefits.

Collision and the end of the long-waged Cold war:

The ultimate chapter starts when they both collide directly in seizing control and power. At the end, Lubji Hoch’s (Armstrong) story ends when he steps out and falls into the sea but he achieved much more when compared to what he could not have achieved considering with his family position in Czechoslovakia. Finally, Keith emerged as a superpower in the battle between them.

Is Fourth Estate Novel of Jeffrey Archer Inspired by real-life Incidents?

Jeffrey Archer inspired by the real lives of late Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch throughout the story and also said that most of his work was real and little fiction was added for dramatizing the events.

Jeffrey Archer (Fourth Estate) - Battle Between Two Newspaper Giants

Usage of simple language and interesting terms in Fourth Estate:

Terms of Triumph, Power, Money matters, political things are common in this story. Humor in the scenes are the strengths of this Novel and Archer tactfully expressed them. Readers don’t really need a dictionary because everything is written in simple language.


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