What are Exit popups

What are Exit popups:

Exit popups play an important role in convincing users why they should not leave our site. With proper knowledge and understanding, companies can assure users what kind of benefits they are going to get. For companies, if they are constantly experiencing high volumes of bounce rates. They can figure out where they are going wrong and what steps to be taken care. These are few examples, let us discuss more in detail. Exit popups can be useful for endless reasons. Just remember how big giants like Amazon and Filip kart show the kind of exit popups during Big billion days etc.

Exit popup is a message or content which can be shown to users who are almost attempting to exit from the website. With good and precise valuable information making customers to fill the form or driving to browsing the website instead of exit. It is like a final message to the user who is almost leaving. Removing users up to 10-15 percent of lost visitors.  There are various approaches


Why/ When/Where:

While showing this message, we should decide what our goal in doing this. Is our goal is for driving sales? One can give offers like and make users think for some time and decide. It is like last minute grab. If so, we can showcase a different kind of terminology as shown below.

Discount or coupons: If we give special discounts, users may change their minds and buy a product instead of leaving the site. It helps for paid traffic. For e-commerce, we can place them on product pages, landing pages, signup page etc depending on the product and company.

Seasonal offers:

Shipping: We can also attract them by giving free shipping where our competitors are not doing it. Once mention it on the home page or write some good blog article about it and share on social platforms.

Social media:

As everyone is aware of this digital age, social proof is very important for any business to grow and perform well. So we can build brand awareness and trust showing how many people have already liked your site. A good message something like “please join us in the community”.

An attractive and a good image improves more user engagement.

Newsletter: Some websites as soon as users come to their site they collect or ask users to fill to reforms taking email address. And personalizing with the name is some of the driving factors.


For customer experience:

The feedback we can collect data from users. As for how they feel about our service or website navigation. Is locate useful and relevant. Helps for inbound marketing as at first, when visitors they are all strangers and by giving useful information. One can make them regular visitors and promotion of brand could be easy.


New features


Making them fill the form by mentioning them that if form fills a free gift given. Survey monkey tool can be helpful here.

If used properly generate leads by 600. For example, if 100 leads are generating regularly, with this usage can drive leads up to 600% according to some surveys. Generally, considers as one of the useful methods of conversions. Giving offers like download Ebook or get some special offers like. If he is a blogger, we can show them that, get a 15-day trial pack of Ahrefs or Semrush tools. If he is only reading some topics, we and show him and make or divert him to read other articles giving some suggestions.

Some tools help from where a visit is coming to the websites.


Adding a progress bar: LinkedIn is an example they show you pop message as 50% complete and only 50% yet to be done. Drives them to fill the form.


Use of images:

Offering scarcity: Showing some message like offer ending in these many hours, these many minutes. This can drive them to fill the form or purchase the product.

In the Exit form, mentioned them by their Names which we have already collected previously.

Different psychological considerations are valid here like, some people prefer white space.Look and feel wise, it gives more trustworthiness and also showing a message like so and so number ********  of people have downloaded this book or purchased these products.

Call to Action button i.e YES-Button with arrow symbols showing where to click for subscribing and usage of good light color drives attention and focus. Using No Button, Minimising the fields can drive a user to fill the form.


Wishpond’s, Pop-up builder free version (Paid) 14 days Free.


Click NO and I’d rather not interesting in getting new customers. Here, No Button in light, fade Color. YES-Button with a positive usage of colors and words.

One can do A/B testing and see which popups are doing better works.

Text should not be too clumsy. Some of the Platforms of Exit Popups are

Sumo Popup: 500 subscribers, Basic Email integrations and creative freedom.

Bounce Exchange

Wheel of Popups: It Is a free, one can create a free account.

We can add our own colors, logos etc



MaxTraffic (Paid Version) Trial version for 14days and also it doesn’t ask credit card information at that time and during trial period we can contact their technical team.

WisePops (Paid, $49 per month)

Wishpond (Paid)








Easy exit popup

Hack Qualaroo is a paid version

Visit lead live: Paid version(24$ per month)

Exit Bee


Optin Monster (Paid, $9 per month)

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How to implement:

If we are using WordPress, first we have to download the plugin.

We get an API code.

Exit popups are something through which we can convince users why they should not leave the site.

We can show them benefits with popping up with widgets

2 types of widgets

Popups and action button

For mail subscription ( weekly letters)

Offers (discounts)

Social sharing (these many people have already subscribed)

Chat activations

(saying them they can chat with us, they can leave a message)


Conversion optimization

How to configure:

Triggers: exit intent

Page load

Time delay

Scrolling a certain height to the page


Excite intent: It tells (it is a technology) where users want to leave the website through his movements without a purchase

Ex: mouse movements towards the close or back button mouse

Mouse freezing for a longtime  specific moth  pathway

Ex: growth funnel

There is a study that most of the visitors leave without doing anything.


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