What Is Digital Marketing And What Are Its Uses And Benefits

Digital Marketing is a Professional Marketing. Companies or individuals can expand the Business and work out with all the search engines using digital marketing. Increase in the usage of the internet all over the world in these days, it has become mandatory and the necessity for the companies to target the customers precisely. Earlier, companies used to target through Advertisements on TV, newspapers and other media. Many surveys illustrated the growing rate at fast pace Year Over Year (YOY) and a lot of internet users. Displaying the information on various mediums, statistics showing around $170 Billion worth of Business in the digital marketing field by the year 2017. Career opportunities will be abundant in this field. This field is still in the process of developing it has not yet taken its full plunge. It gives a better platform and scope to succeed if one plans properly.

What Is Digital Marketing And What Are Its Uses And Benefits

There are different types of Advertising networks in Digital Marketing:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Google double click
  • Social media marketing

What Is Digital Marketing And What Are Its Uses And Benefits

Platforms Include in Digital Marketing:

  • Search Engines (PPC)
  • Websites (Display Marketing)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Video Ads (Youtube)
  • Mobile Ads etc.

We should know our clients and their interests before targeting which campaign to show, when and how to implement and at what time.

Let us discuss in detail about the above-mentioned platforms.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): It’s a process of generating top rankings for a website by following search engine guidelines.

PPC Ads: Showing our ads in the topmost positions of the search engines.

Websites(Display Marketing): Its purpose is to increase the brand awareness and showing company ads on the websites. Advertisers have the opportunity to show their ads on targeted websites according to their needs and customers. It’s for Brand awareness.

Mobile Ads: If we collect data from surveys, one can see mobile traffic already surpassed desktop traffic. Companies have different marketing goals through mobile marketing. It includes:

  • Mobile App optimization
  • Increasing App installs
  • Increasing App engagement
  • Ads in mobile apps

Social Media Platform for Digital Marketing: In Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc, the goal is to promote product or service with Marketing and Advertising. Companies follow different monthly plans about what they want to post on each day and depending on the expectations and forecasting the results. Here, it could be either B2B(Business to Business) or B2C(Business to Corporate).

What Is Digital Marketing And What Are Its Uses And Benefits

Video Ads(Youtube and other Video media): It is also used for increasing brand awareness by showing ads in Youtube Ads.

Emails: Reaching customers through Emails. That’s why subscribers are important in order to reach the audience precisely as they show interest in Company services.

Tools(Analytics): Various tools are available in analyzing the strategies to check the performance of the company. Most of the companies use Google analytics. There are two types in this – Free Version and Paid Version. Big companies use paid version.


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