High Fidelity New Cover

High Fidelity : Review – Love letter to broken hearts with a pop music!

High Fidelity starts with a brilliant passage of how to humiliate your ex! What happens when you girlfriend dumps you? You may say that you feel sad, right? But if I ask you to write down on a paper what you would exactly feel,spit out everything that goes in your little messy heart. If a […]

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Book cover

The Girl on the Train : Review – Gone girl with two more bitches!

During the last weekend luckily I did something good. Probably after a long time. I happened to read a book. Not so ordinary book by the way,It has occupied the number one spot of the UK hardback book chart for 20 weeks, the longest any book has ever held the top spot, according to Wikipedia. The copy […]

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Jeffrey Archer (Fourth Estate) - Battle Between Two Newspaper Giants

Jeffrey Archer (Fourth Estate)-Battle Between Two Newspaper Giants

Jeffrey Archer in his novel “The Fourth Estate” writes about the interesting story of two businessmen. Archer with his studious writing makes the reader in visualizing things a little early. It is definitely a page-turner. The author narrates (talks about) the story in various chapters. First, he starts with Lubji Hoch and then Keith Townsend […]

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The Alchemist-An Adventurous And Inspiring Story Wrote By Paulo Ceolho

The Alchemist – An Adventurous And Inspiring Story

One of the famous quotations: “When anyone truly believes in something to achieve, the whole universe definitely helps them to reach it”. The principle mentioned in this book is followed and implemented by many people. The Novel Alchemist talks about dreams and the consequences which one experiences in life draws the attention of the reader and encourages […]

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