What Is Google Adwords And Benefits Of Using Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a tool for Advertisers to advertise on Google search, Partner Search and Display ads in Google Network sites also called GDN(Google Display Network).

Google AdWords is very important in the Section and platform of Digital marketing. Companies can generate leads from search engines and create brand awareness campaigns. Companies spend huge amounts of money in Adwords as it provides Great Return Over Investment(ROI)

Benefits of using Google Adwords:

  1. Creating Brand awareness campaigns
  2. Reaching the target audience in any given region
  3. Results generate instantly and precisely
  4. Target and segregate the audience depending on the type of devices they use and according to the strategies(interests and customers’ habits)
  5. Results produced are very fast and instant

Google AdWords can be divided into types:

  1. Direct marketing
  2. Branding

Direct marketing:

Direct marketing is showing the ads to specific people to generate the leads

PPC: Pay per click. Only pay when someone clicks on the ad.  Example: Ads on Google search.

Shopping ads: Google shopping ads are recently introduced. Images can be viewable and these images come from Google Merchant Centre. It’s a product of Google.


Branding is creating awareness about the product.

Display ads: Ads on Google Network sites.
Example: Youtube.

Mobile marketing: Ads on mobile apps/devices.

Video Marketing: Ads on  Youtube.

Remarketing: Targetting the visitors of the site as we know they are interested in our services. It depends upon the cookies and certain time span.


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