The battle between Nicola Tesla And Edison

The battle between two Big Giants of Electric Industry and its Effects – Alternate Current and Direct Current:

The battle between two scientists famously called War of Currents. Thomas Alva Edison’s General Electric and Nicola Tesla with the cooperation of Westinghouse Company. It is considered as a rivalry between DC and AC. Fears induced in the minds of public and disturbances which happened earlier with the usage of AC and debates over its implementation in late 1880’s.

Let us first discuss the backgrounds and the kind of thinking they possess

About Nicola Tesla:

Nicola Tesla born on 10th July. He is a Serbia physicist and an electric inventor. His thoughts are completely out of the box at that time and far away from the general opinion of the public. One of the visions he had that he wanted to get the output from human beings brain and to project it on a wall through a projector. He was a phenomenal futurist who has a lot of new envisions to invent new things. People called him a Man of great mind but also as a Mad scientist. He could assume everything in his mind. Tesla used to say he receives some kind of power from God and always used to keep 18 napkins on his table.

Tesla also had a kind of phobia in which he used to feel germs may pass to him through others. He showed interest in 3d objects. He contributed a lot to this world though may not be directly but one must assure that he had done it. Some of his works were undiscovered. Tesla started a new technology at that time called x-rays. Being an OCD patient and urge to take care of his other necessities he left with no money at that end and was all alone.

About Thomas Alva Edison:

Thomas Alva Edison was born on 11th Feb in the United States. Edison is methodical and greatest determiner, Inventor and Businessman. He generated electric current many years ago. Edison failed many times in his experiments. He failed 10,000 times in generating electricity through carbon filament but such kind of experiments only given him the opportunity to develop new inventions and ponder more on his inventions. One of the biggest inventions and the creator of the bulb which has the major impact in the modern industrialization. His other inventions include phonograph.

The battle between Nicola Tesla And Edison-Mystery Of Electrocution

Working and Collaboration Of Nicola Tesla:

Tesla and Edison used to work in collaboration but soon Edison did not agree with Tesla’s opinions and inventions. This is because Edison did not want current to travel directly to major cities that were more than 1km. He thought that transformer is the only thing to avoid major destruction. Then Tesla realized that he did not need Edison at all and found another investor.

Extreme Rivalry and the Curious Case of William Kemmler’s electrocution:

Nicola Tesla found an investor whose name was Westinghouse and started inventing more and enlarged his inventions. At that time some people through media popularized that Alternate Current is unsafe and it could bring damage. Some believed that large animals were killed and one of the biggest negative effects of the happening of war of the currents was the electric chair and the case of William Kemmler’s electrocution.

The battle between Nicola Tesla And Edison-Mystery Of Electrocution

Unsung Inventor – Nicola Tesla:

There are over 300 patents in the name of Nicola Tesla and 1093 in the name of Edison. Some may tend towards Tesla and some support Edison. But Tesla was one of the great inventors who is not as famous as Edison. Yet, both of these great men contributed a lot to this world by inventing many things.

Whatever the strategies they followed, They both had contributed a lot to the world. Many of us knew Thomas Alva Edison but only a few people knew about Nicola Tesla, Definitely, one of the unsung inventors.


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